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Impacting Nations by Upholding Leaders


CMI Coaches and Trainees live, work and have provided 21,000+ hours of coaching in 12+ languages on 6 continents since 2007.


Every CMI Consultant Coach and Trainer has hands-on, cross-cultural experience, been professionally trained and provided at least 200 hours of supervised coaching. CMI Master Coaches have at least 1000 hours.


CMI Coaches and Trainers are committed to providing professional-quality, culturally intelligent, transformational Christ-centered coaching that is affordable and accessible to any mission worker that wants it, anywhere in the world.


CMI is a community of coaches from diverse organizations and cultures who are committed to pursuing authentic relationships before ministry, following God’s initiative and serving His kingdom first, not just CMI or our own organizations.

Leadership Team

Jon Taylor

Jon Taylor

Executive Director, CMI Consultant Coach, MCT Lead Trainer (Life Purpose Specialist)

Jon Taylor serves as Executive Director and is a part of the Leadership Team and a member of the Training Team. He spent 13 months in Zimbabwe with his family when he was 10 years old and has led multiple short-term trips to Guinea, Kenya, and Mexico. He was part of the first CMI MCT coach training cohort. He was on staff at First Christian Church of Phoenix, AZ for 17 years prior to joining CMI, including 10 years as Lead Pastor. He is also a Consultant for CSA Perspective and is a Certified Trainer with Leading From Your Strengths. Jon married June in 1986, and they live in Phoenix, AZ near their 2 adult sons.

Paul Hillhouse

Paul Hillhouse

CLC – MCT Director, CMI Master Coach & Trainer

Paul Hillhouse is the Director for the MCT program. He served 26 years with the University of the Nations in training, pioneering and indigenous leadership development roles assisting personal and community transformation among less developed peoples in Asia and the Pacific. He brings frontline, “in-the-trenches” perspective to cross-cultural and leadership coaching issues, is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Member Coach, and a certified leadership coach through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching. Since 2004, he has served mission and marketplace professionals through his business DiscoveryL3. Paul currently resides in northern California with his wife and family, and has been seen ziplining on the slopes of Costa Rican volcanoes.

Keisa Capers

Keisa Capers

CMI Head Coach, CMI Master Coach & Trainer, FOCOS Lead Trainer, Administrative Team Director

Keisa Capers serves as CMI’s Head Coach, and brings over 15 years of cross-cultural mission’s work in, but not limited to Africa, Asia and the Pacific Islands. She was part of the first CMI MCT coach training cohort and is a member of the Christian Coaches Network. Much of her cross-cultural experience centers in the area of staff care and leadership development for global leaders. Her heart is to coach leaders to align their work with their personal values so they can thrive wherever they are called. She loves international travel, experiencing new cultures and cooking international menus , and currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Toby Casteel

Toby Casteel

CMI Treasurer, CMI Coach

After a long career working for a major oil company, Toby Casteel took early retirement and moved to Mexico to serve missionaries through member care. After returning to the US in 2008 due to health issues, he began his third career as a member of the original MCT cohort. He serves as a CMI Coach, while providing steady leadership and solid business expertise to the CMI backoffice.  Toby has two adult children (and seven grandchildren), and resides in north Texas with his wife, Marilyn.

Staff  | Trainers | Specialists

Tina Stoltzfus Horst

Tina Stoltzfus Horst

MS – Founder, CMI Master Coach & Trainer (Cross Cultural Coaching Specialist)

Tina Stoltzfus Horst is founder of Coaching Mission International. A Master Coach and Trainer, Tina is a thought leader for cross cultural coaching in the missions context and designed CMI’s Cross Cultural Coaching course.  She has been coaching cross culturally for over 10 years and travels regularly to provide coach training for missions leaders. Tina holds a Master’s degree in counseling; her background is in therapy and pastoral ministry in the local church. She was trained and certified through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching as a coach and trainer, and is a Member of the Christian Coaches Network (CCN). She is passionate about developing people, growing flowers in her backyard in Indiana, and enjoying life with her husband Gary (also a trained leadership coach), and her dog, Fia. Tina has 2 adult children living in Colorado and Washington.

Gwen Flaming

CMI Consultant Coach & MCT Lead Trainer (Asia Specialist)

Gwen Flaming serves as Administrator for MCT and is part of the MCT coach trainer team. Having lived and worked in overseas environments for 30 years, she has an understanding of many of the challenges faced by Christian workers serving in cross-cultural settings. Gwen and Vic, her husband of 36 years and also a coach, now live in the USA but continue to walk alongside full-time Christian workers serving in Asia and the Pacific. Her passion is to be a catalyst and facilitator for life change and replication through training, coaching, and mentoring.

L. Cory Lemke

PhD – CMI Consultant Coach, MCT Lead Trainer (Eastern Europe Specialist)

L. Cory Lemke, PhD  is a Lead Trainer in the MCT Module 4 – Coaching with Cultural Intelligence. Cory was involved in missions for over 20 years, with 15 years invested in Ukraine providing training in leadership development and church planting. He is  committed to those working in cross-cultural settings, desiring to help them be as successful as possible. Cory and his wife, Janice, reside near Bonanza, Oregon, where he serves as Lead Pastor in a local church. They continue to be involved in mission education and mobilization. They have recently become empty-nesters and are enjoying this new season together.


MEd – CMI Master Coach & Trainer (East Asia Specialist)

Patty* is a MCT Master Coach Trainer. She has invested the past 17 years living and working in Asia as a cross-cultural educator and trainer, and was part of the first CMI MCT coach training cohort. She brings her experience as a trainer, team leader, member care provider, and educational consultant to the coach training process. Along with developing multiple training components and curriculum resources, Patty has been significantly involved in building networks and community, and is committed to nurturing wisdom in others. Her call centers on “serving the servants”, empowering others to thrive in the places and roles they are called to. Patty and her family currently live and serve in Asia.

Kathy Maurer

CMI Consultant Coach, FOCOS Lead Trainer, Connections Team Leader

In addition to coaching and training, Kathy Maurers serves CMI in the areas of PR and Marketing, leading the Connections Team. She brings over 15 years of cross-cultural mission’s work in multiple regions of the world. She was part of the first CMI MCT coach training cohort, and loves to connect people with God’s purposes and one another. She loves international travel, experiencing new cultures and staying connected via social media. She currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Prem Mangal Das

CMI Coach & Trainer (South Asia Specialist)

Prem Mangal Das is originally for southern Africa, now living and working as a professional coach and trainer in South Asia. He specializes in working with leaders who are committed to bringing transformational change to individuals and communities at all levels of social development. He is enjoying life with his wife and two young children.

Paul Housholder

IT Coordinator

An MK who spent many of his growing up years in India, Paul initially connected with CMI because of his interest in using coaching methods in his work sphere with employees and students.  Drawing from his expertise and experience in technology management at Goshen College, from early on Paul has provided invaluable support to CMI in the areas of administration and technology coordination. He lives in Goshen, Indiana with his wife and 3 children.

Wolfgang Jani

CMI Master Coach & Trainer, FOCOS Team Leader - Europe (Europe Specialist)

Wolfgang Jani is a Swiss national, who has served cross-culturally with YWAM for 27 years, first in Asia and South Pacific, and since 1992 in the former Soviet Union. In those years of working on the front lines, pioneering and raising up leaders, he saw more and more the great need for mission leaders to have on-going support through coaching conversations while they are on the field for greater fruitfulness and personal transformation. In 2007 he pursued professional level coach training and completed a diploma in coaching through the Swiss Coaching Association. A couple years later, when hearing about CMI, a strong partnership was formed. He serves mission and organizational leaders worldwide, both in YWAM and other mission agencies, as a coach and coach trainer. He lives with his wife Chris and their three children in Budapest, Hungary.

Sheryl Nobley

CMI Administrative Assistant

Shery Nobley received Life and Leadership Coach Training from CMI as part of the 2011 Cohort. Bringing many years of administrative experiece, she currently serves on CMI’s Administration Team as Administrative Assistant and Registrar where her organizational skills help keep us all on the same page and information flowing to the right places. She lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona.

Lynn Fote

LT Intercessor, Trained Coach

Lynn Fote was trained as a coach through Transformational Leadership Coaching, and serves the CMI Leadership Team as a dedicated Intercessor. Her sensitivity and perspective born of a close walk with God in prayer is highly valued.

Maria Shisler

CMI Executive Assistant/Administrative Assistant

Maria Shisler serves as Executive Assistant/Administrative Assistant. Having grown up at a missions-oriented church, her first exposure to cross-cultural missions was when she went on a short-term trip at age 7. As a teen and young adult, her passion for missions grew, and she participated in several short-term mission trips. She only recently learned about coaching and CMI, but with a background in psychology and passion for missions, she is very interested in learning more about it. Maria lives with her husband, Lester, and their three young children in Goshen, Indiana.

Tony Stoltzfus

Master Coach & Trainer, Author, Founder & Executive Director of the Leadership Metaformation Institute

Tony Stoltzfus is the original architect of CMI’s Life & Leadership Coach Training and Mission Coach Training programs. He has developed a wide range of training resources used around the world and is author of the open-source materials and many of the required books used in this program. As a pioneer and thought-leader in the Christian coaching field he has trained hundreds of coaches and helped found an international coaching school, developed the Christian Coaching Center, and serves as an advisor to the CMI Board of Directors. As Founder and Executive Director of Leadership Meta-formation Institute (LMI), Tony Stoltzfus specializes in helping senior ministry and business leaders engage God in difficult circumstances and finish well. Along with his wife, Kathy, and two children he currently resides in Redding, California.

Monika Avakian

CMI Website & Blog Coordinator

Monika Avakian has received life coaching and FOCOS training. She is part of the CMI communications team and will be working as website and blog coordinator. She is deeply convinced that coaching is a loving and respectful way to help people find their own passion and purpose. She is a German and worked with Youth With a Mission for over 30 years in the areas of design and education. She is married cross culturally, lived in several countries and enjoys diversity. She lives in Berlin, Germany.

Lela Lazaros

PCT Administrative Coordinator

Lela Lazaros serves as PCT Administrative Coordinator and is a part of the Professional Coach Training Team and CMI Administrative Team. For 16 years, she served in her local church body in Michigan, USA, including in the Missions team, as VBS Director, in Treasury and in many other ways. During that time, she also co-led teams to the Philippines and Nicaragua. In 2007, the local church body sent the Lazaros family onto the mission field. Scott participated in a FOCOS training, and Lela watched as he began applying his new skills, and saw lives change, after which she began her own coach training. She would like to continue learning and using her coaching skills, alongside her husband, as a ministry to young adults who are entering the mission aviation field, helping to prepare them for their Life Purpose with a healthy, happy transformed heart. Lela married her high-school sweetheart, Scott, after they dated for 6 years. They currently live with 2 of their 4 boys in Anchorage, Alaska.

Jen Hill

Head Coach Personal Assistant/Bookkeeper

Jen Hill serves as Head Coach Personal Assistant and Bookkeeper. She has worked in Youth With A Mission for six years; serving in administrative support roles, developing marketing materials, and mentoring young women. During her time with YWAM she also had opportunity to be part of short-term outreaches in India and Thailand. She is passionate about coming alongside others as they discover how to live in their identity and purpose. Though new to CMI, she has experienced the impact coaching can have, and is interested in learning these skills for future ministry. Jen currently lives in Charlotte, NC.
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