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Wouldn’t you love to be more effective in your work? To have growth in the areas you struggle with? To have someone who understands your situation and who will support and encourage you as you strive to achieve your goals? At Coaching Mission International we believe that coaching can have a powerful and transformational impact on people’s lives, making coaching a valuable resource for those serving cross-culturally in missions.

Ready for Real Growth and Change?

If you are ready to invest time and energy in real change, CMI will match you with a professionally trained, experienced life/leadership coach who shares your faith and values; and understands the unique challenges of working cross culturally. Your coach will walk alongside you providing perspective, support and encouragement as you identify your change goals and then form and walk out a plan to attain them.

Affordable and Accessible

CMI is committed to providing high quality coaching that is affordable and accessible for those serving in missions, any where in the world. To make it affordable coaching typically takes place using Skype technology, and each coach has agreed to offer their services well below normal rates. So, whether you are on the field, preparing to go, in your first two years home, or a national leader reaching your own people, you can build a bridge to your future through coaching!


Which Coaching Package is Right for You?

No matter what your goal, whether personal, family or work related, CMI can provide you with a professionally trained, cross culturally experienced, faith based coach to walk alongside you.

For a full description and pricing download the “Custom Coaching” Brochure

Transitions can be one of the most significant shaping times in cross cultural worker’s lives. Whether you are heading into a sabbatical, furlough, or role/location change, coaching can help you get optimal learning and growth during your transition.

For a full description and pricing download the “Transitions Coaching” Brochure

Life Purpose: Lack of clarity about call, mission, and values can lead to stress, frustration and attrition. Let coaching help you clarify your best fit role and bring new focus and purpose to your work and personal life.

For a full description and pricing download the “Life Purpose & Calling Coaching” Brochure

If you’ve lost support while on the field, or need to find funding for new projects or roles, a support raising coach will walk beside you providing support, encouragement and focus as you take necessary steps to new finances.

For a full description and pricing download the “Support Raising Coaching” Brochure

If you have recently been trained as a coach, or you’ve been using your coaching skills for a while but want to keep growing, CMI provides qualified, experienced Coaching Supervision.

For a full description and pricing download the “Supervision Coaching” Brochure

“For many years I’ve served as the international coordinator for church planting coaches in a large mission agency. Even as a coach, I realize I too should be coached. Over the months of working with a CMI coach, I’ve not only accomplished the original goal I’d set, but many others of equal or greater importance. My coach helps me stay focused upon my vision and take action toward specific goals. I’m accomplishing more and at a faster pace. Having a coach adds significantly to the confidence I need as I take on larger and more demanding projects within my role.” – International Director of Frontier Missions

What is Coaching?

So, what exactly is Coaching?

Coaching is the art of engaging leaders in a conversational process that results in levels of growth and performance they would not have achieved on their own. While it typically focuses on growth and change, it is not primarily about fixing under-performing leaders. It’s about taking good leaders and making them great, and helping great leaders access and utilize their full abilities.

By believing in them and encouraging responsibility, instead of giving advice, the coach helps a leader clarify and take action toward the growth and change goals that they themselves have set. These may be personal or organizational. A helpful contrast is with mentoring. While a mentor draws on what they have to give from their own experience and expertise, a coach focuses on drawing out what’s already inside the leader being coached, and then maximizing their own insight, gifting and ability.

How does Coaching work?

How does Coaching work?

Coaching provides a relational support structure that intentionally fosters growth and change through regular “appointments” with the coach – sometimes in person, more often by phone. Coaching is growing explosively in the business world, and is also widely used with small group leaders and church planters. In all these spheres, coaching has been found to greatly increase leadership effectiveness and development.

Advances in internet based calling have made possible low-cost or free connections to places that were unreachable by telephone just a few short years ago. This allows coaches to connect with those in missions even in some pretty remote places. Typically a coach meets with each missions worker twice a month. These appointments provide a blend of challenge, encouragement, perspective and accountability that helps leaders fulfill their unique potential.

Because it is normally done at a distance, professionally certified coaches with cross-cultural experience and a heart for the nations can provide high-quality individualized coaching to multiple missionaries and leaders in several different countries without having all the travel needed to connect in-person.

Ready to Experience Growth and Change?

Coaching – The Bridge to Your Future!

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