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About Coaching

So, what exactly is coaching?
Coaching is the art of engaging leaders in a conversational process that results in levels of growth and performance they would not have achieved on their own.While it typically focuses on growth and change, it is not primarily about fixing under-performing leaders. It’s about taking good leaders and making them great, and helping great leaders access and utilize their full abilities. By believing in them and encouraging responsibility, instead of giving advice, the coach helps a leader clarify and take action toward the growth and change goals that they themselves have set. These goals may be personal or organizational. It is helpful to contrast this with mentoring. While a mentor draws on what they have to give from their own experience and expertise, a coach focuses on drawing out what’s already inside the leader being coached, and then maximizing their own insight, gifting and ability.
How does coaching work?
Coaching provides a relational support structure that intentionally fosters growth and change through regular “phone appointments” with the coach. It provides a blend of challenge, encouragement, perspective and accountability that helps leaders fulfill their unique potential. Coaching is growing explosively in the business world, and is also widely used with small group leaders and church planters. In all these spheres, coaching has been found to greatly increase leadership effectiveness and development. Because it is normally done at a distance, professionally certified coaches with cross-cultural experience and a heart for the nations can provide high-quality individualized coaching to multiple missionary leaders in several different countries at the same time.
Does coaching work in non-Western cultures?
Because a coach doesn’t tell people what to do, but rather draws out what God is already doing in them, it is uniquely suited for working cross-culturally. Each CMI coach has personal, first-hand exposure to missions and cross-cultural issues, as well as special training in applying coaching approaches into non-western settings. As such, coaching is a dynamic method for helping frontline leaders grow, change, and become more effective in a variety of cultural contexts.
What kind of leaders do you work with?

At Coaching Mission International (CMI), we believe that one of the most powerful ways to increase mission effectiveness is to invest in leaders who are already on the front lines and those in strategic support roles, reaching the nations for Jesus. Coaching provided by CMI aims to multiply their impact and longevity by helping them lead more satisfying, balanced and productive lives, while dramatically reducing the all too common burn out and attrition that drain skilled workers from the field. In addition to frontline workers, we also work with missions pastors, national leaders, and missionaries who have returned home, and those getting ready to go to the field. We also partner with organizations to provide their leaders with the proactive support and development they need, and which too often the mission organizations themselves are unable to provide.

Is Coaching free to those being coached?

No. CMI has a Pay-for-Coaching Policy where each Mission worker or leader pays a portion of the costs for each coaching session. This is typically  $17 per coaching session.  This encourages leaders to take responsibility for their own growth and increase commitment to the coaching process.  We recognize that fees for a coaching package may be out of reach for some leaders from the majority world.  Scholarships may be available to qualified national leaders on a case by case basis, depending on availability of funds. Each one is also responsible for maintaining by their own means a broadband connection for making calls over the internet. In addition, they must commit to a minimum number of coaching sessions depending on the program or package, typically 6 – 12 sessions over a 3 to 6 month period.

What does it cost to provide coaching to frontline leaders and how is it paid for?
Each coach provides their services at substantially reduced rates, and takes responsibility to personally raise funds to pay for the difference between the reduced rate and their normal rate. The coach typically raises money through business, church, and personal sponsorships. If you want to help support these coaches financially, consider donating to Coaching Mission International, so that leaders can continue to benefit from these reduced rates.
CMI Coaching Code of Ethics

All CMI Coaches and Coaches-in Training are required to sign a Code of Ethics. You may download a copy here: CMI Coaching Code of Ethics

About CMI

What other services do you provide?

In addition to coaching, we provide other services, including coach training at the apprentice and professional levels through our FOCOS and Mission Coach Training (MCT/LLCT) programs. We  cooperate with organizations to develop custom coach training for their expatriate and national leaders, as well as work with them to develop peer coaching systems and specialist coach services. For missionaries who have to leave the field due to retirement, health, children’s schooling or other reasons, we provide coaching and training. These off-field missionaries can then redeploy their mission, leadership, language and cultural skills back into the field through an off-field coaching platform. In such ways CMI both helps support leaders personally and multiplies their impact both on and off the field.

How is CMI structured to ensure quality and accountability?

CMI believes in accountability at all levels of our organizational life. CMI’s Board is comprised of coaches and missions leaders who oversee financial integrity, faithfulness to our CMI Vision and Values, as well as adherence to the highest in professional, ethical and quality standards in coaching and organizational development. Tina Stoltzfus Horst, our Executive Director, who in partnership with CMI’s Leadership Team is in charge of day to day operations and strategic planning, is under board supervision. Tina supervises Leadership Team members who in turn oversee other staff in planning, strategizing and carrying out organizational initiatives. CMI coaches and trainers agree to strict ethical standards, to regular continuing education and to group and/or individual supervision.

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As a result of high quality, professional level coaching 100′s of frontline workers on 6 continents have grown and achieved breakthroughs personally and in their ministries. With your help that can become 1000′s. You can be part of making that happen … through prayer, volunteering and giving.

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