Our Story

Coaching Mission International was founded to come alongside missionaries and mission organizations with the support, accountability and leadership development that professional faith-based coaching can bring.

The Challenge :: 2004

In fact, CMI was born as a result of an invitation by Youth with a Mission (YWAM) to bring coaching to their leaders in Asia. In 2004, an initial group of six top mission leaders received professional coaching and coach training. These strategic leaders became passionate about the impact coaching had on their own lives and caught a vision for how it could impact others in their organization. YWAM South Asia issued a challenge to the group’s trainer, Tina Stoltzfus Horst: make coaching available to all 2000 of the South Asia field staff!

CMI is Born :: 2006

Early Success :: 2007 - 2008

Training Programs Established :: 2009 - 2010

Coaches & Coaching Multiplies :: 2010 - 2011

Bridges Coaching :: 2009 to Present

The Bridges program was established in 2009 to provide coaching for individual missionaries whose organizations did not provide coaching internally or through a partnership with CMI. Marriage coaching was added to our offerings through a partnership with Grace and Truth Relationship. In 2012, a revamping of our Bridges coaching program was undertaken in order to make it more easily accessible to on field missionaries, home team staff, member care workers, mission executives and those doing business as mission, as well as for those preparing to go on the field and those returning home.

Coaching Community :: 2009 to Present

Relationship and community are high values at CMI.  In order to resource our coaches and trainees and provide opportunity both for professional growth and personal connections, CMI established a yearly coaches retreat beginning in 2008, a regular schedule of continuing education opportunities in 2009; and an online mission coaches resource center and opportunities for both individual and group supervision for missions coaches associating with CMI in 2011 and 2012.

Prayer :: From the very beginning

A strong commitment to the foundational value of prayer led to the formation of a CMI prayer team and to the practice of quarterly CMI-wide prayer days.  Team members commit to pray weekly for CMI and for an hour during the quarterly prayer days.  Weekly prayer updates are sent to the prayer team as well as to staff, board and other team members.

A Part in God’s bigger Story

Coaching Mission International has grown due to the grace of God.  He has always supplied our needs and has, at many times in our history, met us in miraculous ways.  He has given us a passion to support missionaries as they grow in character, ministry effectiveness, and relationship with God in order that they may complete their calling to invite others around the world into that life changing relationship with our Father.

A Platform for Others

CMI continues to look for opportunities to partner with others to further the impact coaching can have in the missions community. We desire to be a platform for others to learn about coaching and to create networks of relationships empowering others to develop and coaching and training programs within their organizations.

A Part for Everyone

Rather than build a big organization providing coaching services to others, we desire to act as consultants sharing our experience and knowledge to help others build their own coaching programs., Empowering others will be the most effective way to multiply services so that every frontline missionary, missions leader, and mission organization experiences the transformational impact of cross cultural, Christ-centered missions coaching.

What is your Part in this Story?

If what you have read of our story resonates with your heart, then maybe there’s a part for you in this story as well. What might that be? Check out ways to get involved, get training, get coaching, or start supporting the missions coaching movement financially.

Join with us as we write the next chapter of the missions coaching story in God’s bigger story … together!

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