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Why an Insights for Impact blog?

The purpose of this blog is to share what we have learned and are learning to help coaches, coach trainees and anyone interested in growing, changing and living in the fullness of your calling, no matter where you are in the world!

Who are our Contributors?

Our Contributors are members of the CMI Community as well as friends in the broader missions coaching movement who share our vision to impact nations through Christ-centered coaching.

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Please leave “Comments” to let us know what was helpful, any questions you have and what you would like to hear more about. So, join in and let’s learn together!

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Coaching Insights, Tips, Inspiration, Stories, Resources and more…

Coaching is a Skill Set, Not a Magic Pill

Coaching skills can be learned and put into practice. I´m finding this approach works well with this generation of digital relationships.   What would happen if ... My leadership style has been so transformed by coach training. So, I wondered what would happen if I...

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The Mission Trip Jesus Failed!

It's not a sin Yes, the title was partly to get your attention. We know Jesus was perfect, so he must have been successful at everything he did, right? He wasn't! If you define success as achieving a desired outcome then Jesus failed numerous times throughout his life...

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Stewards of our Stories

Two years ago I began participating in some intensive training on how to coach leaders. I love learning and commit to pursuing personal development. I went into this course expecting to grow and add a new skill to my ministry toolbox. What has been a pleasant surprise...

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The Importance of Personal Values

Quick – tell me what your values are and why. How long would it take you to respond? Could you identify and explain your values? We should all be able to because we all operate from certain values, whether we can identify them or not. To a coach, it’s important to...

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The Asking Experiment

During CMI’s one year Foundational Coaching Skills course (FOCOS), we recently asked trainees to read author and Master Trainer Tony Stoltzfus’s “Top 10 Asking Mistakes” (part 1, part 2).* Students then identified a mistake that they struggled with; and for 48 hours,...

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The Virtue of Flexibility

Be aware Today I spent time with 20 talented coaches and coach trainees. We discussed a flexible approach to first sessions with new cross cultural clients. We talked about … adapting the coaching agreement for cultures that value relationship; initiating pre-session...

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Coaching Mission International is committed to the vision that every mission worker, mission leader, and mission organization experience the transformative power of cross cultural, Christ-centered missions coaching. We believe that one of the most powerful ways to increase mission effectiveness is to invest in leaders who are already on the front lines, reaching the nations for Jesus, and those who support them. CMI provides leaders with the development, proactive support, encouragement, and feedback they need to stay on the field. In addition, we provide multiple training opportunities to equip individuals to serve as missions coaches, to empower missions leaders to use coaching skills themselves, as well as to help sending organizations raise up coaches internally.

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