… is that rare book that mates intellectual mastery of a subject with the nuance that only comes from extensive real-world experience.

—Tony Stoltzfus

Great coaching skills aren’t enough to achieve great outcomes cross-culturally. Neglecting to adapt to the increasing cultural diversity of those we serve is like refusing to switch from driving on the right side in North America, to driving on the left in India: unsatisfying outcomes will result! Written by a master coach with a decade of cross-cultural coaching and training experience, Dancing between Cultures is loaded with stories, tips and real life situations designed to help you implement practical faith-based strategies for culturally intelligent coaching. Understanding and adapting to culture is a foundational skill for the twenty-first century coach. Dancing between Cultures is an essential guidebook on your journey to transformational conversations across cultures.

Tina Stoltzfus Horst is the founder of Coaching Mission International, a non-profit organization providing culturally intelligent leadership coaching and coach training to the missions world. Tina and her husband Gary have two adult children and one large dog; when not on the road, she makes her home in a small town in Indiana, USA.

Dancing Between Cultures is a journey extraordinaire. The author creates a thorough, thought provoking, and invaluable guidebook that is well structured and immediately applicable. It’s a highly engaging, readable textbook, but has the heart and passion to not just focus on skills, but also the character and sustainability of a coach. I will be recommending this book for years to come! Sherri Dodd

Founder and Director of Advance Global Coaching


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The challenge in writing about working cross-culturally is balancing explaining cultural dynamics and teaching how to successfully work within them. Dancing Between Cultures is a complete manual on cultural dynamics as they relate to coaching. The author explains each dynamic, but more importantly, how they matter to the coaching relationship. Loaded with practical tips and stories, Dancing Between Cultures fills a much-needed gap in the Christian coach’s library. We’ll all be better coaches by reflecting on and applying the wisdom in this book. Dr. Keith E. Webb

PCC, Author, The COACH Model for Christian Leaders

Dancing Between Cultures is organized around a values model that you can actually put on your desk and use to change the way you coach. Packed with insights on the influence of cultural issues and stories borne out of years of hands on experience, I can feel the perspective shift inside me as I read it. If you are coaching across cultures—whether in different nations or just different subgroups of your own country—I’d highly recommend this book.”   Tony Stoltzfus

Founder, Leadership MetaFormation Institute; Author of Coaching Questions

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