It’s not a sin

Yes, the title was partly to get your attention. We know Jesus was perfect, so he must have been successful at everything he did, right? He wasn’t! If you define success as achieving a desired outcome then Jesus failed numerous times throughout his life on earth. You can fail to have desired effect on people because you can’t control a persons response. (Remember – failing to achieve a goal is not a sin, failing to obey God is a sin. BIG difference).

In Mark 5 Jesus shows up in the Gerasenes and displays God’s love and power in setting a demon possessed man free. Instead of receiving him into the region with open arms “the people began to plead with Jesus to leave their region”. So, Jesus honored their request and left! This had to feel like a total failure to spread the good news of God in that area.

Identity in relationship

Where have you done your best and walked away totally discouraged because it felt like a failure? Ask Jesus, “Jesus, what did you feel like when you left the Gerasenes?” Listen to the first thoughts that come to your mind. Follow this up with some relational questions like “Jesus, what do you think of me in this failure?” Listen to how Jesus speaks to your relationship with him and your identity.

Because Jesus kept his identity and worth in his relationship with God, situational failure never diverted him from continuing his life purpose. In fact God used it to advance his purpose. The healed man became the missionary to the people of that region. Making disciples was a main purpose of Jesus in his time on earth.

Abandoned by Jesus

The man that Jesus healed wanted to go with Jesus, but Jesus didn’t let him. Jesus abandoned him and left him there!
Have you ever felt like Jesus left you stranded?

Talk to Jesus about this:

  • What is the truth that Jesus saw in this man that the man didn’t see in himself?
  • How was the greater presence of Jesus manifested because Jesus left the man behind?
  • How was the love of Jesus demonstrated to the people of the region because Jesus was willing to leave him?

Now make it personal. Ask Jesus questions like:

  • “How did you feel when you left the man there on shore?”
  • “What do you see in me that I don’t see in myself?”
  • “How can I demonstrate your love to others by staying in the is place that I felt abandon by you?”
  • “How are you still with me even in this place?”

I just prayed that you will encounter the heart of Jesus in a transforming way.

by Jonathan Corbin – Owner of Corbin Business Coaching. Jonathan has been through the Life Leadership Coach Training with Coaching Mission International. He provides coaching for small business owners with a emphasis on how the internal perspective shapes the external reality that one creates. Jonathan has run a tree trimming business for 11 years and lives in Northern Indiana with his wife and four children.

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